About The Bayt Initiative

The Bayt Initiative is a national home education support and advisory service. It is part of the Nur al Fatima Project, based in the UK, which caters primarily for the Muslim community as well as communities with similar needs and interests. Due to a growing interest from parents who wanted to home educate, and following consultation with experienced home educators and professionals, The Bayt Initiative was formed in 2017. Its aim is to provide support, advice, resources and information for those interested in home educating.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.”

Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74

Interest in home education is growing all the time and is becoming increasingly seen as a viable alternative to school and is appealing to families from diverse backgrounds. According to data from 86 local education authorities in England, the number of children being home educated in the last six years has nearly doubled to 30,000 in the academic year 2016/2017. This represents a 97 per cent increase since 2011, when just 15,135 pupils were classified as home taught. The figures could be far higher and there could be as many as 50,000 children in England being home educated, as parents do not have to register children who have never attended school.

To help address this increasing trend and meet the needs of Muslim families wishing to home educate, The Bayt Initiative aims to provide information on the resources and materials that all general home education groups provide as well as information specific to the cultural and religious needs of the Muslim home educating community. On the relevant pages of this website you will find links to Islamic books, Islamic syllabuses and online Qur’anic tutors, as well as numerous other useful resources on general academic subjects and information on sitting exams and legal issues.

The Bayt Initiative works closely with communities to create awareness of home education and its benefits. This is especially important in the current climate where schools are finding it difficult to deal with many social issues that are not compatible with Islamic values. A database has also been created of home educators in the UK, to enable home educators to meet up with each other in their areas and find mutual support.

Ultimately, The Bayt Initiative hopes to empower parents who decide to home educate their child with the information they need to do so with confidence. It is the right of parents to arrange an education for their children that is suitable for them. The Bayt Initiative is here to support families in their choice at every step of the way and to help make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

The philosophy of education/seeking knowledge in Islam is to work towards gaining perfection and trying to gain closeness to Allah SWT.
Ayatollah Murtadha Mutahari
The Perfect Man –Insaan e kamil

Views on home education

Most home educators are people just like you and me without professional training. Yet, they have brought about a major successful innovation, a positive breakthrough in education.

Research in the United States suggests that home educated children who eventually enter school are generally ahead of their peer age group mates, that have been studying in mainstream schools, sometimes way ahead. Research can be found on the NHERI website, this Information can be found on our research page.

That well could be the reason an increasing number of parents and carers opt to educate their children at home and over five years has nearly doubled to just over 30,000. The Local authorities in the U.K. estimate the number could be as high as 50,000.

Research shows that the HE children who have been interviewed so far certainly seem independent, socially skilled and mature. Research information on the NHERI website.

There is sufficient evidence to prove that  a child educated in their home environment is more focused, intelligent and confident because each child is taught on a one to one basis.

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