Steps to Home educating:

For more information on each step please see the FAQ page.

  1. It is legal to home educate your child in the UK. Wales has different rules.
  2. If your child attends school then let your child’s school know you are taking them out by writing a letter and let them know that you intend to home educate them this is called deregistration. You do not have to inform the  local Authority, that is the schools responsibility. (Please see FAQs for Wales as there is a difference in England and Wales). If your child has not started school then you do not have to inform the authorities. Please follow the link for a deregistration letter template and information on your rights to home educate:
  3. If you are asked by the local authority to provide an educational philosophy please follow the link for guidelines on how to prepare this:
  4. For SEN, exclusions, flexi-schooling and other information please follow this link:
  5. De-schooling is the process of  breaking  school routine and this allows both the parents and child to form a new way of working. More time for creativity.
  6. What method to use? Please see our approaches page for different different methods available or you may just choose to make up your own as you go along. Whether you want to use a syllabus or not it is entirely up to you. Example syllabus are available on our resources page. If you need more help to understand a way forward you can contact us, details available on contact us page. You do not have to follow the school curriculum.
  7. Some LAs contact the family who have deregistered their child and monitor their progress. They should allow a few weeks from deregistering when contacting you. For more information follow this link:

Please follow this link if you want to join our facebook support group, currently we have 47 families from all over UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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