Free mentoring and support service to get started

We provide a mentoring service for those parents who are planning to home educate or are new home educators:

1. What does de-registering your child from school mean and what is the process. Whose responsibility is it to inform the Local Authority.

If your child has never attended school before then you do not have to register your child with the Local authority.

2. What does de-schooling mean and who does it apply to.

3. Different educational approaches available and choosing the one that suits you and your child the most. Where to purchase books, resources etc

4. How to plan a timetable.

5. How to prepare for the visit from the Local Authority and writing a philosophy of education.

6. Different support online/fb groups and meet ups in your area.

7. How to create a home education community in your area.


To join our Facebook support group make a request to: The Bayt Initiative: Muslim home education community support group.

Seema JA: 07843287056
Brothers are also available for mentoring

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