The Bayt Initiative Workshops:

Free workshops cover:

1. Why is it called Home Education in the UK?

2. Is it legal?

3. What are the steps to home education?

4. Will I be monitored?

5. I am not a teacher so how can I teach?

6. Will it take up all my time?

7. Why should I consider home education?

8. Q&A

Contact details:

Seema Jamal-Aldeen: 07843287056


Today I attended a home schooling event in Nottingham and it was so informative and helpful. Thank you sister for a great presentation and guidance. Sister Fiaadh Fonze.

A great session, given me a real boost in confidence about home educating my son. Really encouraging to meet other parents with similar mind sets. Highly recommended workshop even for those who are undecided about it. Honestly really really enjoyed it. Sister Siarra, South London.

Asalaam aleikum sister Seema! It was so lovely to see you again. The sisters found the talk inspiring and very informative mashaAllah. Sister Um Asiya Noor, Harrow, London.



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