What is community home education?

A few Home educating families creating  socialising  opportunities for their children.

You can identify the skills/resources each family have, and they can share those and the skills each parent have, they can help other parents.

Or you can hire a tutor/ teacher to teach. Parents can share ideas, resources and experiences.

Community home education allows children of HE to socialise, do sports activities together and help each other out.

It is a support system for parents and allows them to have some time to themselves.

This little community of a  few home educators, can then sometimes meet other little groups like these and have joint activities together.

For, e.g. Some Christian home educators arrange a camp at a caravan site for a week every year and all the families can meet up, relax, share ideas, the home educated children can build friendships etc.

We are in the process of creating a database of Muslim home educators in the UK and link families up in their areas.

You can send us a message on the contacts page and register yourself as a home educator.

Please follow this link if you want to join our facebook support group, we currently have over 100  families home educating in the UK.

To find out how we can help your group/community to set up a home schooling community please visit our page: ‘free mentoring and support  service’ and ‘workshops’ page.

Community and Islam

In Islam, the idea of coming together and forming a community is crucial, and the Prophet did this from the beginning by establishing a masjid and leading congregational and Friday Prayers. After arriving in Madinah, he asked each Muslim from Madinah, the Ansar, to be a brother to a Muslim from Mecca, thus forming the covenant of brotherhood (al-ukhuwwah) between them. Although they both were from Mecca, the Prophet remained with Imam Ali and they made the covenant of brotherhood with each other. Following on from this, he made great efforts to establish a close-knit, homogenous, and friendly community.

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