A Christian Syllabus

A review by an experienced home educator and pharmacist Naznin Davdani UK. You can contact her from our contact page.

When home educating my children, I have mostly used books and materials that have been recommended in the Well-Trained Mind*, and a lot of these textbooks have been published by Christian organisations.
Using a Christian syllabus means the examples used in the lessons and the exercises are good and wholesome, and they are based on good ethics and virtues.

For example, in the A Beka maths textbooks I use there is a beautiful introduction to how arithmetic correlates to belief in the One God. For example, it states that arithmetic is studying one aspect of the order of the real world and indirectly learning more about the God who created the world using mathematics. See the image  for the rest of the introduction: –  
Here is A Beka’s website address: if you are interested, however they are not cheap to order. I used the example of their books as they are the ones I have experience with.
It is best to have a look at all the recommendations in the Well-Trained Mind and other home education resources too.
The language and content of the Rod and Staff English textbook series** we use reflect a life based on good morals and excellent virtues which are instilled in the children as they study them week in and week out.
This is a sample page from one of the Rod and Staff student’s textbook: –
As you can see from the content of part of this first lesson in book 5 God is mentioned right at the beginning and the importance of being orderly, clean and neat is also emphasised.The Story of the World*** history textbook, written by one of the co-authors of the Well-Trained Mind, starts the child at the beginning of civilisation and moves through world history in chronological order. The child then sees that they are a small dot on the timeline of world history. In schools they will start with the child, their family, the community around them etc, thus placing the child at the centre of history studies. This is an image of the back of the first volume: –
The history is well written and quite accurate when I have compared it to history text books from other countries. The narrations are engaging, and the related activity book has the most fascinating projects for the students to do as well as map activities. I do, though use the Qur’anic version of the Prophets (as) stories in place of the Biblical versions in this series of books.
It is very important which materials our children are exposed to; therefore, it is imperative we choose carefully our educational materials and any outside tutors and/or classes.
In addition, a lot of these books use Classical Education methods and so there is a lot of review and repetition of facts and concepts. This is very important in the early years of a child’s education as it embeds key pieces of knowledge that can then be used and applied when carrying on higher levels of studies.
There are also many lessons that teach real life skills like how to read a gas meter, how to budget and how to answer the phone.
*The Well-Trained Mind is available on Amazon.
**The Rod and Staff series of English textbooks doesn’t seem to be readily available anywhere online but the First Language Lessons textbooks are just as good and they are available on Amazon too.
***The Story of the World is also available on Amazon.

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CGP books cover all the subjects in the school curriculum for those who want to follow this route. The work books cover the years’ work and are nicely presented. There is a study book as well which can help parents to understand the material. These are used in some schools.


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